At Miller & Carter sourcing, preparing and serving steak is all that is done on a daily basis. As their moto states everything is done, “for the love of steak.” The brand prides itself on only serving premium graded beef, sourced from carefully selected cattle reared on British & Irish farms.

On Otterspool Drive Miller and Carter is no different – only the canopy!

With large volumes of steak being cooked constantly, high extract rates are required to remove the impurities and excessive heat from the cookline. This requires balancing with supply air. To prevent air being dragged from the restaurant, over the pass and into the kitchen, an adaptable supply system was installed.

To meet this demand we used our exclusive Jeven supply air fascia grilles which deliver draught free fresh air. They also boast integral attenuation, air flow can be regulated and the desired direction can be chosen for air leaving the canopy.