The Cyclone range of ‘Jeven air input’ canopies replace up to 85% of the extracted air.

Make-up air is distributed into individual grille air plenums or along a full length 304 stainless steel insulated supply air plenum, which is situated behind the front face of the main canopy elevation. Supply air is then delivered through the draught free fully controllable Jeven fascia grilles into the working environment.

The elegant fascias are assembled during manufacturing to suite the chosen canopy length but can be easily removed for cleaning, air adjustment and future maintenance.

Direction air also comes as standard on CV-JIE. Direction air produces a constant supply air curtain, which protects and prevents any smoke leakage from the most demanding cooklines.

360° spot cooling comes integral with the Jeven fascia grille which allows for individual operator zonal cooling. Additional spot cooling can be provided in the front condense channel as found on the CV-IE range.

All canopies and hoods are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel unless an alternative is specified.

All visible surfaces come with a satin grain polished finish.

Product applications

  • Air Input
  • Controlled Delivery
  • DW172 Compliant
  • Integral Silencers
  • Low Velocity
  • Elegant Desgin
  • Removable Fascias
  • Direction Air
  • Spot Cooling
  • Performance Calculated

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