CV – B

At Cyclone we firmly believe anything is possible and thrive on being challenged architecturally.

Production of solutions that are both bespoke in design and customized to a clients individual needs, image or brand are being demanded on a more regular basis.

With our integral design team and decades of technical experience, specific solutions can be procured through our manufacturing facility without compromising any of the efficiency demanded by a premium show kitchen.

In a competitive catering market the restaurants must maximize covers during operating hours. When space is limited the kitchen is often located in the basement where height can be restrictive, corners are not square, beams and columns are awkwardly placed. With a bespoke range of canopies building fabric and form will not thwart the ultimate objective of providing good ventilation to a kitchen which is expected to produce a unique dining experience for all clientele.

All canopies and hoods can be bespoke in design and customised to the clients requirements.

Efficiency remains at the nucleus of any design solution.

Product applications

  • Bespoke Designs
  • Customised Products
  • Specific Solutions
  • DW172 Compliant
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Limited Space
  • Unique Dining
  • Performance Calculated