Certain kitchen equipment, like industrial dishwashers and pot wash areas within a kitchen, can generate a lot of steam. When this occurs a condensation canopy is recommended.

The CV-D range of condense canopies offer two alternatives. A condense only canopy, where captured steam condenses and collects as water in the fully welded condense channel where it can be drained. The second option includes extract connections, which allows the steam and any heat to be taken out of the kitchen work area.

Both variants of condense hoods can be manufactured to any size or shape to compliment the equipment under it. They are all manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel in accordance with DW/172.

Condense canopies can be supplied with or without optional extraction connections

Product applications

  • Condense Options
  • Non Mechanical
  • Optional Extraction
  • Specific Solutions
  • Modular Solutions
  • DW172 Compliant
  • Cost Effective
  • Quality Materials

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