The Jeven TurboSwing ventilated ceiling is designed for professional kitchens to provide them with a spacious outlook and a high quality indoor climate.
The TurboSwing ventilated ceiling is most suitable for institutional kitchens with limited grease producing equipment such as, central kitchens, schools, hospitals and MOD facilities.

The air is exhausted through TurboSwing filters and fresh air is supplied to the kitchen working area through low velocity units.
The ventilated ceiling includes TurboSwing filters, light fixture units, stainless steel ceiling panels and low velocity units.

Functioning Principle

Impurities and heat that rise up from the cookline and are filtered by the TurboSwing filters. The embedded exhaustion area within the ceiling functions as a reservoir that simultaneously keeps air impurities away from the fresh air of the breathing zone. Low velocity units are placed outside of the exhaustion area. The low velocity units deliver fresh air smoothly and draught-free to the breathe zone where it combines with the convection flow.

Product applications

  • TurboSwing Filtration
  • Embedded Exhaustion
  • Low Velocity
  • Varied Airflows
  • Airflow Monitoring
  • Clean Ducts
  • Low Maintenance
  • Heat Recovery
  • Fire Tested
  • BMS Integration

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