The Cyclone range of ‘island canopies’ allow for back to back cooklines centrally located within the kitchen production area.

Extraction is achieved through the central ‘V’ bank which houses the chosen filtration media.

Make-up air is distributed along twin insulated supply air plenums located behind the front face of the two main canopy elevations, prior to being evenly delivered via perforated stainless steel fascia panels.

Extract only island canopies can be manufactured if replacement air is not a requirement.
All canopies and hoods are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel unless an alternative is specified.
All visible surfaces come with a satin grain polished finish.

Product applications

  • ‘V’ Bank
  • Dual Cookline
  • DW172 Compliant
  • Service Riser
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Removable Fascias
  • Perforated Diffusers
  • Spot Cooling
  • Performance Calculated
  • Pre Assembled

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