Located on St Vincent Street at the junction of Buchanan Street, this landmark building, constructed at the beginning of the century, was one of the busiest branches of post office in the country. It had previously been home to numerous banks, where many internal features such as the domed roof light, clock and basement vault had to be retained.

The cookline canopy is the main feature upon entering the restaurant. Sandwiched behind two sets of marble colonnades, the space in between was used to express the double height supply air feature elevation. With minimum fixings allowed to the fabric of the building, it meant a structural deck had to be erected. This was utilized to hang the canopy, while the deck was used to support the top stainless steel supply air plenum.

Stainless steel supply and extract ductwork hang in symmetry before penetrating the ornate sky light, before final connection to the ventilation plant work was made.