Farmer Copleys first took the form of a butchery in 2003 but has grown significantly and is recognised as one of the premiere food destinations in Yorkshire. Offering a multitude of experiences such as farm shops, Moo café, seasonal farm events and by night, is transformed into the Beast restaurant.

The Beast restaurant specialises in steaks prepared by the butchery team and then cooked to your desire on the gas fired lava rock Robata grill. This is ventilated with the bespoke stainless steel & copper clad feature canopy, which ensures the chef operates in a good ventilated kitchen.

The front of house grill station and feature canopy are complimented by the main cookline canopy which can also be viewed from the restaurant. In the rear kitchen, a further three canopies can be found. One of the hoods is a bespoke baking canopy, over the ovens which serve the café on a daily basis.